Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

Amelia is doing quite well - at her 2 week visit, she had gone up to 7 pounds, 4 ounces, so she's gained back her birth weight and then some.  She's starting to sleep better at night, so we have high hopes that she will be able to sleep through the night someday.  We're both still really enjoying this whole parenthood thing, especially when we get our sleep :)  And besides being Easter, and Amelia being 2 weeks old today, it's also our first anniversary!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome Miss Amelia!

Our story begins at 1:55am Sunday, March 21st.  I woke up and thought something was weird, but that couldn't possibly be my water breaking, so I went back to bed.  Half an hour later, I was pretty sure it was my water breaking, so it was time to wake up Dave, grab the bags, install the carseat (this was all done relatively calmly, believe it or not) and head to Avista.  We had just finished our Childbirth Prep/Baby Care/Breastfeeding/Infant CPR classes a week or two before, so everything was pretty fresh in our memories.  I think a part of us still thought that it was a false alarm (pregnant women have notoriously bad bladder control, so we figured I was just special or something).  Dave was in a bit of a hurry and might have driven past a State Patrol marked car doing 80 in a 65mph construction zone, but we got lucky and they just let us go.  It was also the middle of the night :)

Once we got to Avista, we went right into the Emergency room which was completely empty (that was weird!).  We were taken up to Triage where we found out that yes, it was my water breaking.  We did, however, also find out that I had gone from being a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy to having pre-eclampsia/PIH, so they put me on all sorts of crazy IVs and told me that it was mandatory, but it would be pretty miserable (pitocin to induce contractions, magnesium so I wouldn't seize, general fluids for something and once my temperature went up, antibiotics).  Plus, I would not be able to leave the bed which was pretty miserable (they didn't tell me then that I wouldn't be able to leave the bed or eat until I got off the Mg, which was 24 hours after delivery).  Fortunately, they let you get an epidural as soon as you want one at Avista, so as soon as things got bad, Bob, the anesthesiologist, was my best friend.  I don't know how women do this whole thing without drugs!

After many hours of getting poked, prodded, having my blood pressure taken every 15 minutes, we finally got to the pushing stage.  Dave was an awesome coach, and thanks to our classes, he wasn't surprised when I told him to stop touching me and that Amelia was going to be an only child because I wasn't going to do this again (at this point, it had been 24 hours since I had eaten anything, and I felt like hell).  Amelia was born at 11:18pm, March 21st, 2010 and weighed 6 pounds, 11.4 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Because I had developed a fever (it was too long between when my water broke and when she was born), they were worried about an infection, so she was rushed off to get cleaned up and then she got a 48 hour stay in the NICU to get antibiotics via an IV in her head (that was SO hard to watch).  And because I couldn't leave the bed, I didn't really get to see her until Tuesday morning (our very very awesome nurse Jean did sneak me in around 6:30 Monday morning in a wheelchair, with all my IVs, but I just got to see her sleep for a few minutes).  We tried to go in late Monday night when I got off the IVs, but I was just too weak (hadn't eaten and that stuff messes you up!)

We spent our first night as a family together in our room on Tuesday night.  They brought Amelia in to us once she got off her IVs and we had a crazy night, but we figured things out.  We came home on Wednesday afternoon and after one night of Rosemary's Baby, we seem to be getting things down to a routine so that Mom and Dad can get at least 6 hours of sleep a night (we really can't complain). 

We are so in love with our little girl, she's everything we could have ever dreamed of and it is so wonderful having her here.  Yes, it might be true that she doesn't actually get to sleep in her bassinet unless we're sleeping because one of us is always holding her :)  Both Dave and I couldn't be happier.

So really, let's get to what you're all here for - pictures!